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Logistics hub-global change in transport connectivity

Logistics hub-global change in transport connectivity

As usual, the delivery of the container from one end of the country to another? If different types of vehicles are to be used, it is necessary at each stage to ensure that material assets are sent to a particular node. The amount of time required for additional operations is growing inexorably. And these are penalties, lost profits and a variety of force majeure, threatening the very fact of successful delivery to the end user.

Accordingly, it is necessary to exclude unnecessary stops. To this end, it was decided to create several transport and logistics hubs within the country. Huge complexes that combine air, rail, road, possibly sea and river transport. That is approaching in a predetermined time immediately the truck for uploading. All transported commodity and material values in the shortest possible time get on sorting platforms from which they are distributed in various directions. To exclude errors and omissions all the basic work avtomatiziruete. And accounting is carried out with the help of special software products. In this case, you can save time, which is usually spent on design in manual mode.

Naturally, the scale of such complexes is required to support the transport infrastructure of the whole region, which means that the number of employees involved is measured in thousands. In fact, the number is not too large, since the total number of traditional main paths and nodes will be much higher. And to track all the processes and ensure smooth operation at different levels is not an example more difficult. If not completely unrealistic. It turns out that the logistics centers become a real city-forming enterprise, capable of providing the means of existence of the whole city.

Modern cargo transportation in Russia is made by several large companies. Moreover, often a single sea or river route is used, and wagons are filled with the same containers transported at equal distances. But the time after which the recipient can meet their own parcel is sometimes different at times.

How is it possible if the transport is essentially one? Blame the inconsistency, and any other surprises. And their number is measured in tens. From "not quite correct" performance of service by employees of traffic police, ending banal breakdowns.


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