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Cost of cargo transportation in Russia. Reduce costs.

Cost of cargo transportation in Russia. Reduce costs.

One of the main tasks facing business of any orientation, including transportation, - decrease in Prime cost of the made product or services for the purpose of maximization of the received profit, and also increase of competitiveness of the enterprise in the market.

Providing services on transportation of cargo customers, cargo company spends its resources: material, energy, labour, ultimately, is financial, because all you have to pay. Cost of cargo transportation – the totality of all costs incurred for a certain period of time, referred to the total volume of traffic in ton-kilometers carried out by the company for the same period.

In order to plan and successfully implement cost reduction mechanisms, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of costs on their impact on the final result. All costs are divided into variable and semi-fixed. The variables include the costs directly related to the transportation process: the consumption of fuel and energy resources, wages of participants in the transportation process and deductions from it, other costs, the amount of which depends directly on the volume of cargo transported, distance, time and transport for the transportation of goods. Conditionally fixed costs - this is something that does not directly depend on the turnover of the company: administrative and economic costs, the maintenance of managerial and other support staff, rental of premises and equipment, insurance, taxes, marketing costs, etc.In other words, this is what you have to pay for, even if not transported any ton of cargo.

The mechanism of influence of fixed and variable costs on the final cost is different. Especially interesting is the dependence of the cost on fixed costs. Their nature is such that when the volume of traffic increases, the share of fixed costs per unit of cargo turnover decreases, which positively affects the cost price and the final financial result. The more the company transports cargo, while maintaining its management and other support costs unchanged, the higher the cost-effectiveness of its activities.

Ways to reduce conditionally constant and variable costs-the use of energy - saving technologies, the use of the most economical vehicles, control over the consumption of fuel and other fuels and lubricants, effective organization of labor, the development of optimal routes of transportation of goods in Russia, the maximum use of the capacity of vehicles, accelerating the processes of loading and unloading of transported inventory in order to reduce the downtime of equipment.

Effective development and implementation of cost reduction programs in the transportation business is impossible without a well-organized monitoring of transportation processes, as well as well-established management and accounting costs and calculation of the actual cost with the use of modern information and telecommunication technologies, specialized software and hardware computer tools. Properly organized accounting of costs per unit of cargo flow allows for effective control of resource consumption, as well as timely receipt of the necessary information for management decisions.


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