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Oversized cargo-features and methods of transportation

Oversized cargo-features and methods of transportation

Transportation of oversized cargo is one of the most common problems faced by companies – manufacturers, buyers, as well as organizations providing transportation services.

To begin to determine the question of terminology, which means that the very wording of "oversized cargo"? Many people have the mistaken belief that oversized cargo is cargo of small shapes, sizes or weight, although the situation is exactly the opposite.

Oversized cargo is cargo, the size of which does not fit into the framework of standards. To the category of oversized cargo includes goods with a height more than 4 m and a length of over 20 metres and weighing more than 38 tons In particular, refers to the oversized machinery, equipment for agricultural purposes, large construction materials, and more. It is difficult to choose a vehicle and choose the method of transportation for such loads.

Thus, oversized transportation involves the problem of choosing the appropriate means and method of transportation. Depending on the urgency of the cargo delivery and its individual characteristics, the method of transportation is chosen.

Urgent, perishable and some dangerous goods are transported by air. Oversized transportation of non-durable goods is carried out by sea or rail. Road transport is a universal method of transportation, it is used to transport goods of almost any purpose.

The choice of method also depends on the route and distance. Motor vehicles are effectively used in regional transportation. If the goods are transported outside the country, the choice of method of transportation is complicated by customs procedures, therefore, the method and means of transportation is chosen depending on the recipient country and its customs requirements.

Usually, the issues of cargo insurance and customs clearance are handled by shipping companies, with the amount of customs and insurance premiums included in the cost of transportation. The choice of method and means of transportation is also decided by the carriers, but with the consent of the customer, since the cost of transportation of goods largely depends on the chosen means, method and route of transportation.

The company "Mirtrans" is one of the few companies providing comprehensive services for transportation of oversized cargo, including customs clearance.


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