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Container transportation

Container transportation

One of the safest, most reliable and convenient modes of transportation is the transportation of goods in containers, which allows you to use any type of transport (sea, road, rail and aviation). Such cargo in a container may simply be overloaded from one mode of transport to another, leaving the contents of the container intact.

This is an ideal option for the case when the transportation of oversized cargo is necessary, the client can carry out the packaging of the container at his discretion.

Due to the international integration, the geography of such transportation is practically unlimited: any point of the Russian Federation, CIS, Europe and the world. Transport companies try to establish contacts and strong ties with partners in all countries and cities of the world, so that such cooperation provides each client with the opportunity not only to pick up their cargo in another country, but also to provide its services of loading and unloading on the spot. Modern communication technologies and wireless Internet make it possible to provide constant vigilant control over the movement of the container anywhere in the world. Carrying out a full range of services in cargo transportation of containers, carrying out, including oversized transportation, transportation of cars or furniture in containers the transport company at desire of the client provides delivery "from doors to doors" with full registration of all necessary documents.

In the conditions of rather rigid competition in the market of services in transportation the transport company provides an individual approach to each client: registration of all necessary customs documentation, cargo insurance, flexible price policy and high quality of service. Employees and specialists prepare all necessary set of documents, selecting the most convenient, profitable and fast (if necessary) mode of transport for container transportation. At long distances, when possible changes in temperature and humidity, the transport company will provide optimal conditions for the cargo. Transportation of oversized cargo requires experience in order to choose the safest, most optimal and efficient way of delivery. Therefore only high professionalism and big responsibility will be able to provide high-quality freight transportation regardless of distance.


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