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Those who regularly provides road transportation, knows that, not only in the way you need to be very vigilant, but also at stops, too, because it is at stops committed most theft. If you decide to save on a paid Parking lot, do not be surprised: spare parts may not be, diesel can be merged, moreover, there are "craftsmen" who will overpower your product, and locks and seals will remain allegedly intact. Sometimes the drivers only came to disembark, I understand that a considerable part of the goods there, and the seals hanging for visibility.

If the cargo is valuable and can be easily implemented, can steal it with the machine. Car you, of course, will find, and content - hardly.  Therefore, many carriers, in order to protect themselves, seek help from security companies. Of course, the cost of goods increases, because the protection is not cheap, but remember that miser pays twice. The list of services provided by the security company may include the preparation of the safest route, armed or unarmed escort. Sometimes even armored cars with several levels of protection are provided, often cars are supplied with radio stations, so that they are constantly in touch with the dispatcher.  Sometimes the unsuspecting guard riding in the cab of the truck, and back to the car door, on the rise, throw the grappling hook, tied to a tree, the car rips off the door and part of the cargo safely disappears. In such cases, it would be good if the guard went separately in the escort car.

Communication with the driver takes place either by pre-agreed signals, or by means of mini-radio stations. The optimal change for the guard lasts up to 4 hours, then fatigue can accumulate, attention is lost. To stay preferably closer to the police post or official institutions. During Parking, security guards must check the integrity of the cargo, by checking the presence of seals. Acceptance of cargo under protection by the number of places is rarely used, most often guarded sealed containers, vans, wagons. If, however, the decision was made to deliver the goods under protection by the number of seats, in the interests of the security company need to make a "control" opening protected areas in order to ensure proper filling of the cargo unit. The most expensive protection to date is satellite. Of course, it is not affordable for all cargo carriers, but the result will exceed all expectations.


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