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Cargo transportation in Russia. Professionally, that's for sure.

Cargo transportation in Russia. Professionally, that's for sure.

Transportation of goods is a task that must be solved by professionals, especially when it comes to special-purpose products. These include: liquids, explosive, flowing, gaseous substances, heavy or dimensional loads, perishable products.

Transport companies carrying out cargo transportation in Russia bear full material and other responsibility for integrity and safety of the transported cargo, and safety of conditions of its transportation. This means that in cases where the goods have been damaged or lost, the company compensates its cost. In addition, in cases where material damage is caused to third parties as a result of an accident during the transportation of the goods, the carrier company bears full responsibility for the compensation of the damage caused. As was the case when during transportation, any harm to the health of third parties, serious bodily injury or other negative consequences were caused.

If during transport the accident occurred, and caused damage to the environment, and it is possible, in cases of transportation of poisonous, explosive substances, or dangerous for the environment goods, that all proceedings held by the carrier.

In most such cases, the customer can compensate for both the cost of the goods and the penalty for the failure of its delivery to the object. In addition, cargo transportation in Russia is insured, where all the above points can be specified, as well as the amounts and terms of payment of the relevant compensation.

A guarantee of safe and reliable transportation of your cargo should be a contract that is signed with the transport company before the start of cooperation. The contract is a legal document that clearly States all the issues related to delivery: terms, safety and compensation of the company in case of force majeure.

In cases when it is decided to carry out transportation by forces of the company, without addressing services of professional carriers, all expenses and responsibility which can be connected with transportation, the company bears independently. This is useful when it comes to the transportation of small goods over short distances, when the probability of negative risks is reduced significantly.


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