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Splurging on cargo transportation in Moscow

Splurging on cargo transportation in Moscow

Not so often it is necessary to order (transport services of a cargo transportation) to know about all subtleties of work of these companies. Sometimes the client pays attention only to the low 3-digit price of a car rental and only at the end of the carriage of goods grabs his head from 4-5-digit amounts.
What you should pay first of all the attention not to ruin on cargo transportation?

Choosing a reliable company.

Almost everyone can find on the Internet information about many transport companies. You do not need to immediately seek the services of the first company with low prices. First, "check" its reliability, that is, review the reviews of other customers on different sites or ask questions on specialized forums. It is better to spend a couple of hours collecting information than to fall into the hands of an unreliable organization.

The study of the price list.

On the company's website, examine the entire price list, ask the consultant the necessary questions by phone, email, Skype or online form. Just to clarify, what price will cost you transportation: hourly rental of a car, the fee for a simple in traffic jams, waiting, entrance, loading services, fixed interval work, transport, etc. you May need when moving more help to disassemble or assemble the furniture, plug in appliances or bulky to pack. All points are specified at once, "without departing from cash Desk".

Competent dialogue with the dispatcher or consultant.

At registration of the demand once again you discuss what services you need, what car and for what purposes it is necessary, and what is the final sum of your cargo transportation and what guarantees of "stability" of the price. Also, before (order Gazelle), specify what should be done in case of non-compliance of the company with the oral contract.

Study and signing of the service contract.

Any oral statements should be documented, regardless of whether you have completed the electronic application or personally signed the contract. By the way, the service contract can be delivered by movers, in this case, study it more carefully, checking the price list, because unreliable companies can "draw" a couple of zeros, and in case of disagreement with the payment can leave you with numerous boxes right on the street.

Thus, a reliable, large and respectable transport company is interested in regular customers, not one-time enrichment of the customer. In solid firm to all clients approach individually, and with" newcomers " already at the first meeting the consultant or the dispatcher negotiates all situations and surcharges. In addition, in such organizations there are discounts and seasonal promotions for cargo transportation in Moscow. And most importantly self-confident company with each client behaves openly and transparently financially at the conclusion of the contract for the provision of services.


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