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Transportation of bulk cargo

Transportation of bulk cargo

If it is necessary to transport dangerous, liquid, bulk or oversized cargo, it is best to choose rail freight. Because of the different types of cars, you can carry almost any cargo and any size by rail: from quarry sand to expensive cars.

Bulk cargoes are: building sand, crushed stone, black earth, expanded clay, mineral fertilizers. An important role is played by the type of car that you are going to use.

Loads that are insensitive to environmental influences (snow, rain) are better transported in gondolas. This type of cars is suitable for transportation of building materials.

Boxcars normally used to transport piece goods, ensuring goods good protection from adverse external influences.

Grain and other bulk cargo can also be transported in covered wagons, but it is better to use specialized wagons for this purpose.

Transportation of all types of goods is obliged to be carried out in accordance with the "Rules of carriage of goods by rail".

Also used for the transportation of bulk cargo road transport. Since the construction in the cities is permanent, the transport of goods to the construction sites is always required. Transportation of bulk cargo directly to the construction site allows to reduce the time between the production of these materials and their use in construction. Moreover, it is easier and more convenient to transport such cargoes than concrete itself or ready-made concrete and reinforced concrete structures.

Barrels, containers, special dense bags are usually used as packaging for the transportation of bulk goods – this container eliminates the spilling of the cargo.Due to the presence of a large number of truck models of all types and from different manufacturers on the market, today customers have a wide range of opportunities to make transportation costs minimal. And the opportunity to entrust the transportation of goods to a single contractor (transport company), provides a significant benefit. Therefore, before making a final decision on how best to organize the transportation of bulk cargo, you should familiarize yourself with the proposals of the carriers.


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