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Heavy trucks will pay for the roads

Heavy trucks will pay for the roads

For the Federal road Fund, the creation of which Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announced in may 2010, so far found two sources of funding. Both can have a very serious impact on the cost of transportation.

Professional and high-quality organization of road freight transportation is impossible without roads of acceptable quality. And it is difficult to argue with this statement. How and with what such roads in Russia, otherwise there would have been so in Vogue saying about two misfortunes — fools and roads. The problem with roads is once again beginning to be solved, which is why the Federal budget Fund for the construction and repair of roads is being created. Funds from this Fund will have to go for the repair and construction of free roads of Federal importance.

Another question is how the funds in this Fund will come from. If at the initial stage after the Foundation funds will be transferred here to the Federal budget (this year it is planned the amount of almost 300 billion rubles), then next year the road Fund should take care of financing itself. To fill his own budget, he identified two sources, although, as the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin said, in the future, other sources can be added to these two. In the meantime, the construction of new roads will provide fuel excise duties, which are expected to further increase, and the collection of large-capacity trucks (chassis capacity is more than 12 tons). It is the second source that raises many questions.

It is no secret that it is road transport large-capacity cars are becoming increasingly popular. The figures have not yet been announced: what will be the amount of the fee for large-capacity vehicles, but it is clear that the new taxes can not but affect the cost of transportation. Especially since the second source of filling the budget of the Federal Fund excise tax on fuels, which is planning to raise is also a very big influence on the rates. And, as is often the case, especially will be affected by the delivery of goods to the regions, especially over long distances. What is interesting: for the regions, the government recommends organizing the same funds, which was created in the Federation. The budgets of these funds will be used to build and repair roads that are not Federal roads. It is still unclear how the regional funds will be filled.


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