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Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation

    Multimodal transportation is the transportation of the same cargo by different modes of transport. Used modes of transport can be combined in various combinations: air, rail, road and sea.

    How multimodal transportation is performed. In multimodal transport, the goods must first be delivered from the shipper's warehouse to the airport, railway station or port. After the completion of the main carriage, the goods must be delivered from the airport, railway station or port to the warehouse of the recipient. In exceptional cases, namely in the case of road transport, the goods will be delivered using the same mode of transport.

    For example, if you need to carry out air transportation, then for this you first need to deliver the goods to the airport by vehicles. If it is required to resort to sea transport, in this case the cargo to the port will be delivered by road or by rail. For the implementation of rail transport to deliver the cargo to the train station required vehicles etc.

    Why are multimodal transportation required? This type of transportation is used to achieve various goals, such as: reducing the cost of transportation, reducing the time required for the delivery of cargo.

    We will reduce the cost of transportation when using multimodal transportation: for example, we need to carry a cargo weighing 13 tons and a volume of 20 cubic meters from China to Russia, namely Orenburg. To overcome this way, the load will proceed as a minumum a few "legs" of the route:

    Warehouse at the point of departure-airport, railway station or port(the so-called transshipment hub)
    Hub in China-hub in Russia
    Hub in Russia - warehouse in Orenburg

    Such "shoulder" can be more, and the more they are, the longer the delivery and usually its cost is lower. Conversely, if the "shoulder" is small, the cost of delivery will be more, and the speed is higher.

    Further it is necessary to decide how urgently it is required to deliver freight if within 7-10 days, it is air transport if 10-20 days, air transport and motor transport if 20-30 days, air transport and railway transport. If time is not so important and it is important to transport at the lowest cost, then here will help sea transport and rail The larger the share of air transportation, the faster and more expensive shipping.


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