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International transport

International transport

Transportation of things within the same city has become familiar to Muscovites. Many transport companies are ready to provide assistance in apartment, office and country moving. On the website http://www.pereezd-ideal.ru you will find such assistance. But what if you need to transport some personal belongings between countries? In the market of modern transport services there are solutions for the most difficult situations.

Today there are companies that are engaged in international transportation of personal belongings. When can it be useful? For example, you have a long time to go abroad, to change the place of residence or for some other reasons to take their belongings from Russia.

Companies that organize international transportation, take over customs clearance documents on the border of Russia and freight forwarding services throughout the entire cargo.

Fast transportation of things between Russia and Europe can be carried out by car or in containers. Through the ports of your stuff can get into any country in the world. It is possible to use different types of trucks or cars, as well as standard containers of international standard.

Customs clearance is a delicate stage of international transportation. The customs code of the Russian Federation allows the transport of personal items in a simplified manner. This makes it possible not to pay the owner of the goods customs duties, taxes and other customs payments. You may not request a license, quality certificate or other regulatory documents for personal belongings. This regime of importation of personal items across the border of the Russian Federation was approved in 2003.

How does customs determine the purpose of the transported cargo?

The main reference point is the statement of an individual. If the owner of the cargo declared that these are personal items, then this cargo can pass customs at a reduced price. Of course, transportation of things is based not only on the applicant's word. Indirect signs of belonging are the nature of objects and their number. It is also important how often these objects cross the border. Simply put, if you regularly export 1,000 mink hats, your claims that these are personal items will be questioned by customs officials. The final decision on the destination of goods crossing the border is always taken by customs officials.

Goods that are not intended for personal use are exported by General order on the terms of full registration and taxation of the goods.

How to estimate the cost of the forthcoming international transportation?

Companies engaged in the transportation of personal goods across the border have a feedback form on their websites. Preliminary communication with the Manager of the company will allow you to estimate the cost of the forthcoming transportation and to plan the budget.


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