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Types of road cargo transportation

Types of road cargo transportation

Road transportations are carried out by means of buses, trailers, semi-trailers, cars and other means intended for transportation of freights and people. In the former case, the most commonly used containers are 20 feet and 40 feet containers, which allow optimal volumes of cargo to be transported.

It is the vehicle of today is organized and most of the passenger traffic.

Classification of freight transport

Road transport of goods are divided into groups of the following categories:

    industry (industry, agriculture, construction, trade, catering);
    cargo size (mass, small);
    geography (urban, regional, suburban, international, etc.));
    time (seasonal, permanent, temporary).

Depending on the affiliation to a particular type, you should decide to buy a container or rent it, buy a refrigerator container or conventional, as well as to identify the optimal volume of the container, its specifications, etc.

Passenger transport

Transportation of people can be carried out by cars, buses, etc.

A distinctive feature of bus transportation is the reference to the exact route, as well as their division into suburban, urban, long-distance. In this case, the route can be attributed to rural routes, that is, linking small towns, airports, railway stations, piers, etc.In addition, an independent type of passenger transportation are mountainous, which are permanent or seasonal.

Road transport also performs specific transportation of people. At the same time, cars and buses of special accessories are used. This category of transportation includes:

    service (delivery of employees of a certain company to the place of work, as well as evening delivery at home, the schedule is calculated based on the time of the end and end of the working day of passengers);
    tourist (the route is made either under a certain order, or is installed for a long time and is fixed for all groups of travelers).

Specific types of transportation of people is also considered to be the use of vehicles, namely cars, as taxis and official cars. The same group includes the services of companies providing vehicles for hire with or without a driver.


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