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The carriage of long loads

The carriage of long loads

Cargo transportation has always been difficult and time-consuming. If we are talking about the delivery of a specific cargo, the various nuances that must be taken into account in the performance of transportation becomes much more. And long cargo transportation is a work for professionals capable to provide all subtleties in the organization of transportation. Long goods are those which exceed the size or length of a standard vehicle and extend beyond it by more than forty centimeters. Such cargoes include construction beams, some types of pipes, rolled products, poles, logs and many other varieties with non-standard parameters.

The advantage of transportation of long loads is that low-frame platforms, tractors for transportation of pipes and other special equipment are used for this purpose. This makes it possible to ensure a high level of safety during transportation. In the case of such transportation of goods by two or more cars, the length of the train is subject to certain restrictions. In that case, if the length of the train is more than twenty meters, then in this case you need to get a special permission for transportation. If the length of the train exceeds thirty meters, it is necessary to accompany the car road patrol.

Before the transportation of long goods, a route is developed, along which they are supposed to be transported, as well as taking into account restrictions in the movement of freight vehicles on a number of roads, appropriate support is allocated (if necessary).

Before making transportation, they have to be very strongly fixed. For this purpose stretch marks, cables, bars persistent, and also a number of other adaptations are applied. The load is fixed in such a way that it does not shift to the side, and he could not overturn.
Features of handling operations

There are features of carrying out loading and unloading of long loads. Loading is carried out by means of use of the arrow crane, provided that in a body and a cabin of the car there will not be people. As for unloading, it is carried out with the help of a lift. It is necessary to pre-determine which place will be unloading to avoid falling, which can lead to accidents.

In order to carry out unloading operations, it is necessary to attract only those movers who have a high level of qualification, as well as some experience with the cargo of non-standard sizes.

The choice of transportation of long goods by a professional transport company is a guarantee of delivery without problems and losses.


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