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Crisis and container traffic

Crisis and container traffic

The economic crisis has made their destructive adjustments in various sectors of the economy, including in rail container transportation, which before the crisis developed rapidly and was considered one of the most promising destinations for rail traffic.

Freight traffic increasingly shifted to a container. And this trend was observed on a global scale. This was facilitated by the cost-effectiveness and versatility of container transportation, as well as the rapid development of the relevant infrastructure. In addition, container transportations were the most suitable for multimodal transport, with simplified transshipment between vehicles and customs clearance procedures.

There has been a downward trend in container shipping costs. The crisis has intervened, and container rail and road traffic has fallen significantly. Even now, four years after the crisis, the volume of this type of transport has not reached the pre-crisis level, although there are positive trends.

During the crisis and some time after it, the level of rail container traffic fell significantly due to dumping by road carriers, who managed to divert the flow of containers in their direction. However, in the end, railway companies revised tariff policy and began to regain container transportation.

Shippers, if necessary, can apply to certification centers, for example: www.serttest.ru where certification services for a wide range of industrial products are provided.

Competition in the container market is extremely high, the main struggle is between road and rail. However, both sectors are partners in multimodal transport. Practice shows that rail container transportation wins at long distances and road transport wins at shorter distances.

And yet railwaymen need to learn from motorists flexibility in tariff policy and updating the list of services provided to customers. So far, road container transport is growing at a faster rate than rail. And only the introduction of innovations in the field of container transportation can bring rail transport to pre-crisis volumes of such traffic.


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