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Goods from China

Goods from China

China - a country-a factory of the modern world-is no secret to anyone. And the idea of directly addressing the manufacturer comes to mind of a Russian businessman very often. The withdrawal from several links of mediators on both sides of the border is more than a good reason. However, how to get to the factory or manufactory itself? Or their official dealer out there in the middle of nowhere?

In order to organize wholesale deliveries of goods from China to your point of sale, you need to clearly understand the structure of Chinese production. Of course, the primary information provided by Chinese search engines, but in order to understand what it is, you should have a minimum background information.

An organization that has the means of production, that owns or leases land, that produces goods of its own design or to order, is called a Chinese manufacturer. It releases 2 million boots according to drawings from the countries of Europe and 20 million more according to own drawings, not strongly lagging behind the first. It can be equipped with a factory or a factory, as well as a manufactory where manual labor is used. The goods produced by the manufacturer of this type have a very low cost, but they have a rigid upper bar on production volumes. Most often, the manufactories collect appliances, furniture, simple tools, Souvenirs.

Another type of manufacturer is a Chinese developer. It is a company that does not own any means of production. It leases warehouse and office, divided into two departments: development and sales. The first creates drawings and for them orders from manufacturers of the first type the necessary components and, separately, Assembly and packaging.

Chinese wholesalers, large and small, as a rule, do not work with the manufacturer directly, and resell each other's products. In addition, the manufacturer can act as an intermediary, issuing an additional range for the part of the main, that is, purchased from a competitor for the produced at home. The degree of benefit, the latter, of course, occupy the first place, they are followed by large wholesale and closes small. However, if the Chinese manufactory is always glad to cooperate directly, the company with the factory capacity will prefer to operate through a dealer up to a certain order number. It makes sense to apply there when the business has already reached the threshold values. The average business may be interested in the Chinese developer: he is quite compliant, but without the restrictions characteristic of the manufactory.


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