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Main types of cargo transportation

Main types of cargo transportation

Today, with international trade relations strengthening and the global economy becoming more integrated, cargo transportation between countries is becoming more and more popular. A special place in the world economy is taken by container transportations which are very favorable at transportation of goods both on big, and on small distances.

Using container freight, you can transport goods that require special conditions all over the planet. Oversized, dangerous, perishable and fragile products and goods can be delivered in containers. Many people use cargo transportation to send agricultural products, building materials, mining products.

There are several types of vehicles that carry out the transportation of goods using containers. This air, rail, sea and road transport.

Air transportation is characterized by a high speed of delivery of goods, but from an economic point of view are not very profitable due to high tariffs.

Compared with air transport, it is considered more profitable to sea. Transportation by sea is profitable, as its prices are among the lowest. Safety of cargo is ensured by specially equipped terminals located in the ports, which are the main place of storage of imported goods, and special cranes carry out loading on marine vehicles.

The next effective way of delivery is transportation by rail. Railway transport is one of the cheapest. But if you compare shipping by sea and by rail, it will become obvious that the sea will be cheaper, although it will take more time. An ordinary container ship takes on Board several railway trains, while one container is loaded onto one railway platform.

A special place in the transportation of goods takes delivery by road. Automotive engineering creates a worthy competition for sea and rail transport, when there is an alternative. Cars with cargo will reach their destination without unnecessary stops and problems. Thanks to dispatching support the customer at any time can find out where, in what country and on what kilometer there is its freight.

Rather high speed of delivery, safety of freights, possibility of an entrance to any object, plus reasonable prices – all this characterizes motor transportations as reliable service on which it is possible to rely.


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