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How is the customs clearance of foreign economic activity

How is the customs clearance of foreign economic activity

Implementation of foreign economic activity involves strict compliance with customs legislation, as well as existing standards of certification of goods. The nuances of customs regulation of export-import operations in certain mills can have unpleasant consequences for businesses, the successful course of which determines the speed of turnover and the rapid promotion of the rapid movement of shipments. A number of products are subject to mandatory certification, which is enshrined in the relevant legal acts.

That is why the assistance of a specialized logistics company for the prompt passage of the entire product range of customs control and quick registration of accompanying forms is a necessity. Here customs clearance is prepared long before physical delivery of goods to customs terminals and includes:

    pre-loading cargo before shipment;
    storage (and if necessary-and processing) of consignments in specially equipped hangars;
    customs clearance services (required formalities and procedures);
    preparation and submission to customs control authorities of a preliminary notice of intention to import / export a consignment of a certain volume and nomenclature;
    assistance in carrying out transit operations;
    a preliminary calculation of tax obligations of the client and the cost of registration of the customs Declaration;
    assistance in preparation of the package of accompanying documents;

Any product which needs to be confirmed to be substandard and could potentially harm otherwise the consumers, are subject to mandatory certification for customs regime. It is impossible to import as such without obtaining a quality certificate. Experienced logistics company is able to offer a set of solutions that will provide the necessary documentation on the basis of clearly formalized procedures. It is worth remembering that the certification of products can be carried out on a voluntary basis and by force. However, timely submitted documents quality certificate, certificate of conformity, consignment notes, waybills, notification of intent to import/export goods and others to the customs area will allow you to count on obtaining permission to cross the customs border as soon as possible.


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