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The international container transportations of cargoes

The international container transportations of cargoes

Today, international trade is becoming stronger and the world more integrated. For a quarter of a century, scientists and officials from transport ministries around the world have debated how to improve the exchange of goods between States. As a result, it was decided to introduce container transportation for this purpose, as it is very convenient to transport cargo in containers.

In 1971 the first system of container cargo transportation appeared. It consisted in the development of technologies-packaging, mechanization of loading and unloading, transport. Not in the last place was rationality, providing for the implementation of standards and indicators: the transportation of containers in the flow of trains, ships and cargo taxis in Moscow. Much attention was paid to the legal regulation of the process, transport organization, route planning, the economic side of the issue and the operational management system.

International container traffic is used by those engaged in the delivery of food. Thanks to this type of transportation, goods that travel long distances will not lose sight and will arrive fresh on the counter. This is largely due to the rapid unloading and loading. The only negative is the volume limit imposed by the size of the car. Although, of course, it is not necessary to deliver containers only with the help of machines.

 After the containers arrived by cargo taxi to the airport from any country, customs clearance is carried out: the necessary documentation is compiled, special taxes are paid. If the cargo is classified as dangerous, lawyers and customs officers check it in accordance with the state documents regulating this issue.

It is worth noting that international container flights are possible only if the points for operations are open. Exceptions are rare and are mainly related to rail transport.

The undoubted plus of container cargo transportation is that the goods can be folded tiers: it saves a lot of space. In addition, the container protects the cargo from the negative effects of the environment and various mechanical damage. Moreover, the size of the "package" may be different. There are six kinds, which are designed to ensure the safety and freshness of the product throughout the way.

 Another positive thing – to move the goods in the car, plane or car, simply rearrange the container. In this case, time is saved.


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