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Container transportation: simple, reliable, affordable

Container transportation: simple, reliable, affordable

Over the past decade, container traffic has attracted the bulk of freight traffic. This is due to the convenience, mobility and great functionality of containers. Their use greatly simplified the overload between different vehicles. With the help of special container carriers, a container with cargo can move freely from railway platforms to motor transport, sea and river vessels. Contributed to the large-scale development of container transportation and the creation of their own customs posts at all container terminals.
The return lead

But the economic crisis that struck a few years ago also affected this sector of economic activity, as the acquisition and maintenance of containers require investment of considerable funds. The maintenance of container terminals is accompanied by constant expenses. The way out of the situation, the transporters found in the participation in tenders and receiving orders. Search and selection of auction industry has taken the company Hasbroken u), whose specialty is the engagement and support of government orders in the most different spheres of activity, in particular ensuring that government contracts in the field of transportation. This helped container carriers to stay afloat and eventually regain the leading position.
From competitors to partners

Rapidly increase the growth of the amount of container cargo has helped the partnership and various transport structures of the railway workers and motorists of the competitors have become full-fledged partners. After all, one and the other mode of transport have their advantages. Railway containers are preferable to use for long distance transport, auto – on shorter. In both cases, the help of Docbroker in obtaining Bank guarantees balance sheet came in handy. Such interaction of various structures has long been successfully carried out all over the world.

Despite the fact that the volume of rail container traffic is still inferior to road transport, there is a positive trend in the development of rail transport. And containers were, and remain the most convenient, reliable and simple means to move goods.


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