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How to move your business without any problems

How to move your business without any problems

An integral part of road transport is transportation in the city, for example, residential and office moving. It is impossible not to agree that the office move should be planned especially carefully, so as not to have a harmful impact on the activities of the company.

     Choosing a freight Agency, pay attention to those that distinguish office moves in a separate category. This means that the specialists working in this company, faced with this type of transportation repeatedly. This is especially true for large cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg.

     The Manager of the company must necessarily go to the office in which you are located now, it will help to see and discuss all possible issues related to the move on the spot. You should discuss the range of services, including the delivery of door-to-door comprehensive moving. In this vein, we will discuss if you will need packers company that professionally pack your furniture and office equipment, or your employees can handle themselves. Another point of the contract: is it required to arrange furniture and office equipment at the place of delivery, or the transportation will be limited to delivery to the door of the new office.

     Assessing the cost of road transportation, the specialists of the company, which is engaged in road transportation, usually pay attention to many details: the number of floors and the length of corridors along which it will be necessary to move furniture, the absence or availability of freight elevators, the presence of the access area to the building. It is clear that if you have to transport the office from the ninth floor of a building in which there is no Elevator, and the stairs are very narrow, it will cost much more than moving the office on the ground floor with direct access to the street on the access area.

     It is also important to consider the configuration of furniture — standard or non-standard, how difficult it is to disassemble and assemble, how much space furniture takes in the disassembled state. If the value is in the number of jobs that need to be transported, an estimate of how many objects (tables, chairs, cabinets, tables for office equipment) located in each workplace. In addition to the number of jobs, the cost of transportation can be estimated in cubic meters of furniture. In any case, the price will be determined during the visit of the company Manager to your office and fixed in the contract.


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