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Logistics is an important component of the company's efficiency

Logistics is an important component of the company's efficiency

It is no secret that properly built logistics increases the efficiency of the business structure, and it is not only a good freight forwarding company and a well-thought-out system of warehouse storage, as managers of many companies sometimes believe. Internal and external efficiency of the enterprise consists of a variety of components, including logistics supply and distribution, transport logistics, etc.the Main objective of logistics as such – management of material flows, without which the business structure can not function.

Logistics of supply and delivery must be clearly balanced, otherwise the company begins to lose profits. One of the key roles is played by transport logistics, on which depends the timeliness and continuity of transportation. Freight forwarding company will provide transportation on a professional level, but sometimes it can be profitable to buy their own transport. For example, when flexible planning and constant control of cargo transportation are required, independence from tariffs of transport monopolies.

What is the efficiency of transport logistics?

The productivity of transport solutions is often determined by the selected types of transportation: unimodal, mixed or combined. Unimodal transportation is usually used for large-capacity shipments, and involves the use of one mode of transport. Mixed transport is generally characterized by two modes of transport. Combined cargo transportation is carried out by several modes of transport and is used for the delivery of large consignments.

The choice of the optimal type of cargo transportation allows to reduce costs, minimize transport risks and increase the speed of deliveries, which directly affects the external and internal efficiency of the enterprise. But it is not always easy to optimize logistics solutions on your own. For example, such issues as the use of intermodal delivery technologies, rational routing of freight or consolidation of shipments, freight forwarding company a priori copes better.


The main task of logistics is to find optimal solutions for the management of material flows. Strategically verified steps, including with regard to transport logistics, can significantly affect the efficiency of the enterprise.


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