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Multimodal transport of dangerous goods

Multimodal transport of dangerous goods

Multimodal transportation of goods is the transportation in which the carriage of goods is carried out by two or more modes of transport. There are three types of transport: multimodal, intermodal and segregated.

The essence of multimodal transport is that the delivery of the goods from one place of the first country to another place of the second country by means of different modes of transport is controlled by the operator. Here, the entire responsibility for the carriage of the goods is borne by the operator. Secure, you can take this mixed freight, which implements and conducts one organization. Unlike in other cases where the operator is an agent, in this case the multimodal transport operator (MTO) is a party to the contract.

Ito, in the case of multimodal transport of dangerous goods, is the most important person to organize and carry out the transport. High-quality, profitable and safe services provided to the customer are the key to making a profit for MTO.

Work on safety issues begins some time before the start of transportation. The safest routes, containers and vehicles are selected for safety. In order to ensure the greatest confidence of the MTO customer, there is a third party that evaluates the MTO services independently. In this role, the Register, that made SMOG used for certification of transport of dangerous goods.

The system of certification of SMOG includes the fitting for the campaign-carrier all the necessary requirements and covers all areas of the company, which includes management of quality, environment and security. The performance of all the combined elements should be aimed at the quality and safety of transportation of interest to the customer.

Through the use of multimodal transport, all customs procedures are simplified, a single commercial and legal regime is provided, together with a link for the transport of goods by means of different modes of transport. Also, thanks to this system of transportation complex financial and economic issues are solved: unification of tariff rules, processing of mechanics of financial responsibility for non-compliance with the quality of various services. Also, the use of a multimodal transportation system allows for electronic data exchange so that information is ahead of the delivery process.


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