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Features of freight transportation by trucks

Features of freight transportation by trucks

One of the most popular vehicles engaged in road freight transport is the so-called truck. This type of machines is optimal for sending containers and other bulky goods. Trucks are carried out cargo transportation in Samara and other cities. This convenient and practical way allows you to quickly and inexpensively deliver machinery and equipment over long distances.

    The cargo, which is in the truck body, is fully protected from environmental influences. It is not threatened by negative impact from snow, rain and wind.
    The powerful engine of the vehicle allows it to carry out long-distance transportation in a short time, and relatively compact size - skillfully maneuvering in the flow of cars on the road.
    The ability to deliver up to 24 tons of goods. The amount of body trucks able to reach 120 cubic meters, which allows to carry large loads.

Additional tent trailer is widely demanded among transport companies. It is able to withstand a load weighing 20 tons. The use of this design allows the transport of long goods that are difficult to place in other vehicles.

Additional structural features of the truck, for example, the presence of a refrigerator or heater, make it possible to deliver products and food products in need of a special temperature regime. All these factors confirm the demand of this vehicle and its versatility. Therefore, the carriage of goods by truck is one of the popular services provided by logistics companies.


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