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Transportation of perishable goods

Transportation of perishable goods

How perishable produce is transported

Delivery of perishable goods across Russia involves a lot of difficulties. The main of them – the specific climate of our country, which varies as the car from South to North and back. Transportation of perishable products is one of our popular services, which is necessary for many enterprises of the national economy. We transport goods to stores, food production facilities, service establishments etc.

Types of perishable goods

There are several types of goods belonging to the category of perishable goods. Among them:

1. Not recycled animal carcasses. This is a specific cargo, transportation of which is possible only in specialized refrigerator trucks. Requirements are also imposed on the cargo itself. For example, large carcasses of animals can be transported only in divided form.

2. Products of animal origin (milk, butter, eggs, etc.). They are also transported in special containers. For example, glass utensils, braces or special barrels of wood are prescribed for oil.

3. Vegetable products-fruits and vegetables. The specificity of delivery to Russia of such goods lies in the fact that they are equally pernicious both high and low temperature. Many truckers with horror remember last year when trucks with tangerines got stuck on passes because of snowfall, and all production lost a trade dress.

4. Processed product. This group includes a variety of canned food, sausages, etc.

5. Frozen fish.

6. Non-food products. For example, fresh flowers or plant seedlings.

Requirements to transport

For transportation in Russia of each type of perishable goods are used specific modes of transport that meet sanitary requirements. Here are a number of common features of trucks in which such goods can be transported:

1. Protection against external influences. Depending on the type of cargo, the degree of such protection may vary. For transportation of some vegetables and roots in the summer it is enough just to close the body with a tarp, but the transportation of delicate fruits requires a fully closed truck.

2. Protection against temperature fluctuations. Here again, depending on the type of cargo and the range of its transportation can be used as trucks with their own cooling systems, as well as conventional refrigerators-thermoses.

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