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How to organize a move correctly?

How to organize a move correctly?

     Today, almost any company specializing in the transportation of goods will help with any kind of moving. However, the specifics of different types of moving requires special attention to certain factors. Take a closer look.

Office relocation

     If you are dealing with a professional carrier, in the process of collecting the company's specialists will give you recommendations regarding the packaging of certain things that require special care. Packaging materials are often provided free of charge by the carriers themselves. Companies usually offer the services of movers who'll pack the furniture and equipment in the car and in a new place will put them on the ground. Make sure that neither the objects nor the surrounding space are damaged in the process: doors, walls, floors.

     If there are objects in the office, transportation of which requires specially equipped machines (for example, equipped with special fasteners) – inform the operator at the stage of negotiations to eliminate the possibility of damage to valuables.

Country and apartment moving

     Many people today prefer to spend the warm season in the country, returning to the city for the winter. This means that they either have to buy all the necessary things in duplicate, or twice a year to transport from place to place almost the entire house. The same adventure lies in wait for every happy owner of a new apartment: you will have to carry with you everything acquired for the years spent in the old place. In this case, it is reasonable to carry out cargo transportation on the furs, which allow for one time to move a large number of sufficiently large things over long distances.

     Loading, transportation and unloading of each item should take into account its structural features, it is necessary to pay attention to the packaging and fixing of each piece of furniture and appliances. Neglect of these principles will lead to the deterioration of the items are chipped and scratched, the technique can fail, and the dishes – to get to the destination in the form of piles of debris.

     To prevent this from happening, you need to contact the specialists who will pack each item, carefully and competently carry out its loading and unloading. These professionals accompany the process of moving from the very beginning of the training camp to the moment when every thing takes its place in a new house.

How to transport furniture

     Services for the carriage of furniture are divided into three types.

     Simple:" as is", without the use of packaging materials and fasteners. In the car there will be a packing cardboard by which subjects will be separated from each other. This method is good unless the need to transport to the country old furniture, for which extra chips or scratches are not a problem.
     Transportation of increased comfort. All items will be Packed in cardboard, wrapped with different types of film. Overall furniture will be dismantled for Assembly at the place of delivery.
     The relocation of VIP-class. In this case the list of the transported property will be made, all furniture is Packed in boxes equipped with definite inscriptions that promotes full accounting of property.


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