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Special machinery for cargo transportation by road

Special machinery for cargo transportation by road

     Cargo transportation by road is carried out in Moscow, as well as in other cities, every day. Depending on the type of cargo, its size, as well as the characteristics of transportation, different transport is used. It can be as a passenger car, and a small truck, and a special refrigerator on wheels, and multi-ton truck.

The main types of transport used for cargo transportation

     The most common model of the car for transportation by road small-sized cargo can be called GAZelle. This machine has been gaining its authority in the vast expanses of our country for many years. The body of such a car can be different-a standard van, a body with removable sides, with a hinged awning, a refrigerator body, in which perishable foodstuffs can be transported. The most popular model with an elongated body, which can carry loads of medium size.

     Depending on the weight of the transported goods, large-sized transportations are carried out either by Silas (with a load capacity of 5-6 tons) or by Ointments and KAMAZ trucks (which are able to carry loads weighing more than 10 tons). The length of the body of such cars is usually at least 6 meters. This allows you to transport construction materials and other long-length design. One of the significant drawbacks of such vehicles is the low permeability in the city.

Types of special loading and unloading equipment

     The main type of equipment for loading transported goods is a special loader. It is this technique that allows you to lift the load to the required height, move it to the right place. Based on the dimensions of the cargo, as well as its weight are classified and loaders. When using the loader, a person only needs to securely fasten the load and follow the course of the loading stage.

     Sometimes for loading or unloading cranes are used, but because of its size is not always possible to use this technique.

     Specialized equipment allows to reduce considerably the total time of loading.


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