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Low-tonnage autotransportations across Moscow

Low-tonnage autotransportations across Moscow

     Low-tonnage trucking in Moscow and the region, as an apartment move are becoming increasingly popular. After all, for the transportation of small goods is not necessary to order a large car. Fairly light-duty machine. Gazelle, for example, can carry loads of up to two tonnes. These vehicles are very convenient on the roads of the capital, because they are quite maneuverable, also do not fall under the prohibiting signs "Passage of freight transport is prohibited." Thus, light-duty trucks can easily deliver the goods directly to the center of Moscow, where there are a lot of outlets.

     From the above it follows that the transport company easily complies with the deadlines for cargo transportation if it uses low-tonnage vehicles in its work.

When is it best to order a low-tonnage car?

     If the weight of the cargo is from 500 to 1000 kilograms, it is most advantageous to transport it with a small truck such as Hyundai porter. The volume of the body of such a car is 7.7 cubic meters. The body can be tilt and can be van: ordinary or isothermal.

     A small amount of furniture and appliances is very convenient to transport on low-tonnage machines. After all, the cost of transportation in this case will be small. "Maleconazo" is quite suitable for the transport of TV or fridge to the cottage for the summer.

     Isothermal van in a small car will help to keep safe small batches of food during their transportation.

     Low-tonnage cars are very maneuverable. They allow to deliver freights even to hard-to-reach places, the small yards located in the center of Moscow where huge twenty-ton trucks can't pass. In addition, these cars belong to the class of cars and have easy access to the center of the capital.

     The transport company can also order loading and unloading services, which will be performed at the highest level. Thus, you will avoid the problems of transportation, albeit small, but such important and necessary goods, putting all the difficulties on the shoulders of the trucking company.


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