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Logistics will help in providing road transport in Russia

Logistics will help in providing road transport in Russia

From the history of logistics

     Translated from the Greek word "logistics" means "thinking, calculation, expediency". And only from the beginning of the nineteenth century under the concept of logistics, thanks to the French scientist Jomini, began to understand the same as in our days:"transportation management". However, in those days planned transportation and supply of operating troops.

     In the second half of the twentieth century, in connection with the development of the production base, began to have problems with the supply of raw materials and materials. Moreover, consumers get the finished product is extremely irregular, with large disruptions. The cost of storing and delivering materials and products has steadily increased, resulting in careful consideration and resolution of these problems. In order to solve these urgent problems, a new direction in the economy – logistics-was created.

Logistics in our days

     Nowadays it is almost impossible to do without logistics. Without proper and competent logistics, any business is doomed to failure.

     Currently, logistics helps to plan, organize, control the movement of road transport in Russia and Moscow, to ensure the proper storage and warehousing of material assets. With the help of well-organized logistics, the location of the cargo can be determined at any time and at any point of its movement. At any stage of cargo transportation it is possible to satisfy the sender's request about the condition of his cargo.

     Since the functions of logistics are very extensive, it can be considered not just a functional link of business. Logistics is a mechanism that aims to regulate and improve the flow of freight.

The tasks of transport logistics

     The objectives of transport logistics are to ensure technical, technological and economic interconnection of all participants of cargo transportation. Simply put, it is necessary to agree on the mode of transport for transportation, to ensure the possibility of transportation without overload, to determine the most rational route and help the client to save his finances, i.e. to reduce the cost of transportation.


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