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Multimodal (multimodal) transportation: all about transportation of such level

Multimodal (multimodal) transportation: all about transportation of such level

     Mixed, or as they are called, multimodal transportation, are divided into, in fact, multimodal, intermodal transportation, and separate transportation. As a separate subspecies it is also possible to distinguish the combined cargo transportation across Russia.

Modern technologies of multimodal transportation

     Mixed cargo transportation involves the transportation of goods by several different modes of transport, at least two. Multimodal transportation is a multimodal transportation, with the mandatory signing by the parties of a contract, according to which, from the destination of one country (state), in which the goods entered into the management of the company engaged in multimodal transportation, the goods will be transported to the agreed place of delivery in another country (state). They include the use of different types of transport, including: sea, road, aviation, rail.

Trends in multimodal transport logistics

     The operator of the mixed transportation Of the National Cargo service company, assumes responsibility for automobile cargo transportation across Russia, for process of transportation in General, for accomplishment of all conditions of the signed contract. At the same time, the Customer receives a document (contract) of multimodal transportation. Thus, cargo transportation is actually carried out according to the traditional scheme "door-to-door" or "warehouse-to-warehouse".

Safety of multimodal transport

     If you are interested, for example, delivery of goods from Moscow, one of the most common methods of multimodal transportation, the scheme will be something like this: transportation of goods by road, then in a container its transportation by sea, followed by unloading at the port and delivery to the place of direct receipt of the goods by road. When multimodal transportation of various goods (including dangerous), our company provides comprehensive control of the entire process of transportation of this level. The company is fully responsible for mixed cargo transportation, You can only entrust your cargo to us and expect it at the place of arrival.


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