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Interaction between the client and the carrier when moving

Interaction between the client and the carrier when moving

Law and the law

     Every person, firm and organization have the right to transport their cargo in a particular region or place, it would seem, no special rules for the adjustment of such actions are not needed. Nevertheless, there are some laws in this sphere, which are necessary for everyone to know and observe. If you are interested in such service as delivery of freights across Russia by the motor transport, or any other transport transportation, You need to know by what rules it can be made, within what legislation to carry out.
     Cargo transportation today is one of the most common services among commercial firms and individuals, they require some formalization, in some cases – insurance and the signing of appropriate contracts, followed by effective regulation of relations between the Client and the Carrier.

The relations between client and contractor

     Before ordering the services of cargo transportation, apartment moving, or even delivery of goods, especially over long distances, where there is a need to sign a contract, of course, you do not need to get a lawyer's education, but it will still be useful to get some knowledge in this area by learning them from the Internet or consulting with a lawyer. When ordering trucking in Russia, it is necessary to get acquainted with a number of existing rules that govern the loading and unloading, transportation and transfer of goods from the carrier to the consignee. So, for example, in the case when the signed contract does not provide for another option, loading of transported goods on transport, their fixing and shelter from weather influences, is the shipper's duty. The lifting attachment and a protective coating, unloading the goods is the consignee (he may be both a consignor). Ignorance of this information can sometimes lead to misunderstandings and conflicts, which, of course, should not happen.

     "National Cargo service" - a serious transport company, where services such as road transportation in Russia, are very popular with Customers. Our company is closely monitoring the execution of contracts, in-house counsel are carefully considering each item, to protect both parties from possible misunderstandings.


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