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Freight market: yesterday, today, tomorrow

Freight market: yesterday, today, tomorrow

     In the dynamically developing world, between people, firms and companies there is a communication, intersection of interests, commercial, private and public activities in which, each organization, as well as any person, periodically may face the need to transport any cargo from one place to another. Buying Newspapers and reading ads in them, flipping through Internet pages in search of carriers, we find that the delivery of goods in Russia is represented in the transport market is very wide. This service is currently one of the most common and most popular. But to assess the situation still need to adequately.

Current state of the freight transportation market and prospects of its development

     In General, with the positive dynamics of transportation through commercial firms in Russia since 2008, there has been a slight decrease in the pace of work of transport companies. The reason for this was the negative trends in the impact on all spheres of life of the global economic crisis. However, when the financial crisis began to decline, the freight market entered its usual rut: road transport in Russia has increased again, the same applies to rail and sea transport – the situation has stabilized.

The freight market of Russia

     Most of the companies are small private firms or entrepreneurs, who included one or two vehicles, with a lifting capacity not exceeding 3,5 t

     Such organizations are forced to offer transportation services at inflated prices, as the opportunities available to them are not able to properly optimize the current costs and overlays in case of force majeure. In addition, the work of small companies, as a rule, is limited to the area of one region, which, of course, the modern consumer of this service is not enough.

     To offer inexpensive transportation across the territory of Russia can only be the company that confidently occupies its own niche in the freight market. "National Cargo service" is the very organization that has clearly established its activities, minimized possible costs, insured against risks and, therefore, can offer its Customers the most favorable terms of cooperation.


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