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Domestic and foreign transport at transportation and moving

Domestic and foreign transport at transportation and moving

The role of transport in society

     The tasks of transport (road, rail, sea, aviation) together with other sectors of infrastructure, is to ensure basic living conditions and activities of the whole society. As an instrument for achieving economic and social goals, transport is an essential industry that transports all kinds of goods and people. The increasing demand for the quality of transport services, for cargo transportation in Russia is currently not fully satisfied, this is due to the insufficient technical level of the transport system of the country. But when it comes to commercial transport companies that are ready to work for the benefit of people, the situation is radically changing.

Domestic and foreign vehicles

     The experience of National Cargo service accumulated over the years of successful work speaks for itself. Carrying out automobile cargo transportation across Russia, we use both domestic, and foreign transport, having chosen only the best brands of cars because our Clients are worthy of the best quality of services and service. A significant increase in freight volumes has led us to purchase for its fleet of cars of various sizes of domestic and foreign brands. Like any other serious trucking company," National Cargo service " also seeks to constantly update and expand the existing fleet. All this is done in order to fully meet customer demand: goods are different, we are ready to accept for transportation – any!

Sea transport

     If you are interested not only in the delivery of goods in Russia, but also in the delivery of goods to other countries, including container shipping by sea, it should be noted that in this case there is a certain dependence on foreign companies. This is because part of the fleet of the Russian ship owners is registered in a foreign register of ships.

     The company "National Cargo service" is well aware that the quality of services depends on the technical condition used in transportation. And therefore no special role in it domestic or foreign: we observe that the transport was defective, and this is the most important thing!


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