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Dangerous goods. Cargo classes and danger signs

Dangerous goods. Cargo classes and danger signs

     The classification of the danger of different goods shall be established by the competent authorities. If it is necessary to transport dangerous goods, in accordance with the law on their classification, the manufacturers of such goods, or organizations in whose territories these dangerous goods are formed, must take care in advance (in this case, we are talking about hazardous waste products, combustion and processing).

     Many companies today carry out cargo transportation in Russia, however, not every transport organization will undertake the delivery of dangerous goods. Someone means do not allow, someone-specifications, and somewhere drivers with insufficient experience work. But if you turn to a serious company that has earned the trust of customers through many years of work, such problems will never arise. When transporting dangerous goods by road, "National Cargo service" company makes every effort to ensure that this cargo in time and as accurately as possible was delivered to the destination.

Regulations on the transport of dangerous goods

     For various goods, including dangerous goods, the Law prescribes certain rules and requirements for their transportation, all of them must be observed. For classes of priority danger, these rules are more stringent, for classes of additional danger-softer. If you are interested in delivery of goods to Russia, it is worth considering that the national Cargo service company transports the dangerous goods allowed for transportation at very favorable prices. You can order transportation of corrosive and infectious substances; radioactive and toxic materials; organic peroxides from us; oxidizing, self-reactive substances and substances capable of spontaneous combustion; explosives, gases; mixtures that emit flammable gases in contact with water; as well as transportation of other dangerous materials and products.

     You can be sure that road cargo transportation in Russia of dangerous goods will be carried out by our company in full compliance with safety regulations. We guarantee That you will receive your cargo on time, safe and sound.


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