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Competent cargo insurance

Competent cargo insurance

     Cargo insurance is one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of cargo transportation. Any delivery of cargo in Russia must be insured in order to avoid unpleasant situations and related losses. Cargo insurance allows to minimize possible financial losses. At the same time, the insurance contract is concluded, its object is the property interests of the client, which are connected with the use, disposal and possession of the cargo as a result of its damage, loss or breakdown.

Insurance premium and the types of cargo insurance

     The amount of the insurance premium in the performance of cargo transportation is determined depending on the value of the cargo transported. In the event of an insured event, the customer must provide all required information confirming the declared value of the cargo, which is the subject of the insurance contract.

     The most common insurance option is "insurance against all risks". In this case, the customer shall be reimbursed for losses in the beam of damage to the cargo, its death or damage during the transportation. However, trucking in Russia involves many risks, so the standard terms of the insurance contract can be supplemented or changed based on the wishes of the client.

Insurance rates and indemnification

     Insurance rates are established by transport companies depending on the nomenclature of the transported freights, a route of transportation, statistics of losses, a condition of motor transport and other factors.

     In order to be able to receive the insurance indemnity, it is necessary to follow several basic recommendations. If you decide to use the services of a company that carries out cargo transportation in Russia, you should carefully read the insurance contract before signing. If the insured event has occurred, but you do not have reliable data on the causes of damage or loss of the goods transported, so that you can not be reimbursed for losses, you need to gather evidence of their correctness. Approach to the signing of the insurance contract should be very responsible, because it depends on whether you can compensate for their financial losses in the event of any unforeseen situation.


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