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How to transport products?

How to transport products?

Whatever we buy, whether it is for ventilation or food, the first thing we pay attention to is the appearance of the goods, their presentability. However, we do not always think about how the goods fall into the store, who delivers them here and on what.

Take, for example, products. Because we where only to not deliver! Sometimes you read the marking and wonder-the product is the freshest, and it was made two days ago in the area to which we are thousands of kilometers away. How it was brought to us?

Yes, perishable products are difficult to deliver in their original form. However, there are modern transport companies engaged in the transportation of goods around the world. If you order transportation, delivery of certain products will not cause problems with professionals, they will gladly take the case. Fortunately, they have all the opportunities for this: a modern fleet of refrigerators and isotherms, logisticians, able to calculate all the details, specially trained movers.

Usually there are no Amateurs in the transport company, because the transportation of goods is a very important event.

Transport company, transportation for delivery of cargo, offering the car for transportation of food, must have documents, which shows that the proposed vehicle meets all the necessary sanitary requirements. Packaging, which will be wrapped or stacked transported products should not have damage, dirt, odors. The products have their own strict standards, so the packaging must comply with them. Perishable products have their own classification. These are products of plant origin, animal products, processed products and live plants. Each group has its own rules of transportation.

For example, transportation of meat — the most difficult of transportation. It can be steamy, cooled or deep frozen and all three types in one refrigerator can not be folded. We need to translate it the way it is. From transportation companies all that harmoniously, they know how to carry. For these purposes, use refrigerated vehicles.

And here is, for example, as transport eggs? To do this, transport companies also have all the necessary equipment. In the van of the truck carrying eggs, the temperature should not be higher than 0 degrees.

Boxes of eggs are laid on wood chips, to preserve the freshness. The speed of the truck with eggs should not exceed 30 km an hour if a truck travels on a gravel road and 50 kilometers per hour — if traveling on asphalt. And, of course, egg does unwanted shaking, tremors, sudden braking.


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