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How to transport non-standard cargo?

How to transport non-standard cargo?

In life, there are situations when you need to transport from one point to another something unusual, something that is usually not transported by car and do not move from the place, and the rules of transportation of this object no one knows. For example, you ordered the construction of a turnkey house, which often means that you will bring a ready-made house. It would seem - what?

However, serious companies engaged in transportation services for transportation of non-standard goods offer, and at quite reasonable prices. A portal of transportation, for example, gave three thousand proposals for companies engaged in similar services. So there is no problem. Transport what you want!

If you order a shipment of something special, the experts of the shipping company was all me. First, they will objectively assess what you want to transport, then develop a plan for loading and unloading the object and pick up the optimal car, specially equipped for your order. Registration of all kinds of permits and customs documents is also their job, so entrust your cargo to a serious company and sleep peacefully.

Transport companies are professionals. Usually they calculate everything, even the smallest details of transportation. When transporting non-standard cargo with immense dimensions you will have a lot of questions, and all you will find the answer in the transport company.

The most experienced specialists-loaders, drivers, administrators, developers — are usually engaged in transportation of non-standard cargoes in cargo transportation companies.

If you have to transport bulky goods, the company will send a "low frame platforms" — it is a tool that carries cargo with varying degrees of severity. They can lift tens of tons, so this machine is indispensable in every car Park.

If your cargo is dangerous, then its transportation requires coordination with the European agreement on international transportation of dangerous goods by road. Here you will come to the aid of the company's lawyers who will check your cargo on the requirements of the document and assist in the preparation of the relevant permits. But in this case, you have to remember that the carriage of dangerous goods, especially if it runs in non-standard conditions or performed by a column of vehicles consisting of three vehicles, must be agreed with the Inspectorate for road traffic safety.


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