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Intermodal cargo transportation

Intermodal cargo transportation

Shippers often wonder, " What kind of transport can deliver the goods to their destination?". For example, cargo transportation Moscow - St. Petersburg will not cause any difficulties, but when transporting goods over long distances there are already many problems.

Where the goods cannot be delivered to their destination by a single vehicle, intermodal transport is used. Intermodal transport is defined as when the goods are delivered by different modes of transport, but only one transport document is used for their transportation. The transshipment at the change points of the mode of transport is carried out without the participation of the cargo owner.

The system by which cargo is delivered to any place in the world is called logistics intermodal. It operates thanks to the unity of all components of the transport and technological chain.

The means of transportation are used to prevent the movement of the cargo itself at the time of change of transport. This fact is necessarily taken into account in the organization of transportation in Russia. Transport company engaged in intermodal transportation, most often uses containers.

It is the containers that are most convenient, because when they are moved there is no movement of cargo inside, and this simultaneously reduces the time of transportation and the likelihood of any damage to the cargo. There are several types of containers that allow transportation of both small and large cargoes.

Small loads are Packed on pallets (pallets – flat structures made of wood, plastic or metal). The loads are attached to the pallet with a belt and Packed with a plastic film. Pallets are often used in the organization of cargo transportation in Russia cars.

The key point of any intermodal transportation is the organization of an information system, as it is based on the process of execution of the order and control over the implementation of delivery, such as the delivery of goods from China. Therefore, the electronic data interchange system used by transport companies determines its competitiveness in the world market. The operator, which interacts all components of the transport network in intermodal cargo transportation, is the guarantor of the performance of the cargo delivery contract.


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