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Cargo transportation in Russia: is competition good or bad?

Cargo transportation in Russia: is competition good or bad?

Road transportation is a gold mine of local business. And why not? Every day a lot of financial resources are invested in the development of the transport services market of the Russian Federation. Cargo transportation is the most important market on which many enterprises and organizations depend. The state tries to control the market in his own way and mood. Even a special control structure under the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation has been formed — the "magic" freight portal.

And can control only for the better? Thanks to the zealous intervention of state structures, the domestic freight market continues to "breathe". A certain number of large transport companies have been created, the main task of which is to form the visibility of a competitive market within the country.

Seems to be Yes, the control — for the better! The market is saturated with small entrepreneurs, there is some competition, the needs of puppet enterprises are satisfied. And everything is so wonderful as it seems? Are the needs of ordinary citizens being met?

The majority of small businesses are self — employed, and they work under contract transporting companies. Guess which one?! And for what? - For the sake of elementary survival.

The second task of control is to create a functioning business at the interstate level. Yeah, that's a very good idea. Thanks to it, trade and business relations with foreign partners are established. The Treasury receives additional income. Domestic companies that have permissions for international transportation, to truly compete with the gourmet firms. Especially in the sphere of transportation of oversized cargo in Russia.

All is good, Yes, that's probably someone don't like it. In Russia, to this day for transport companies, there is a complicated legislation, especially with regard to customs issues. The procedure for passing it, in particular the Declaration of goods, is very cumbersome and scrupulous — takes a lot of time and money. Not every firm will want to go through all this. Probably so designed for the sake of the "chosen" transport companies.

Don't despair, serious progress is still there! In recent years, the state has signed more than 40 intergovernmental agreements in terms of cargo transportation — Moscow companies took it with great optimism. After all now can be will well earn some money. As they say, good — bye permit! We are not squeamish — we will be happy to plow new spaces…


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