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Grouped goods: a competent transportation

Grouped goods: a competent transportation

Domestic companies are daily engaged in the transportation of goods and materials throughout Russia and abroad. Most of them are practicing the transportation of 20 tons of cargoes.

But what to do if you need to Send cargo of small volumes

What is the consolidated cargo? A certain amount of goods and materials, different in scope and purpose, but properly arranged in a single load. Owners of goods are different companies. The only thing that unites all these different cargoes is the same destination.

The groupage cargoes delivery is a forward-looking economic decision: in the black will be how companies-senders and companies engaged in transportation.
The advantages of using LCL:

    The reduction in transport costs.

    You do not have to equip and send several cars.
    Reduction of delivery time.

    You do not have to deal with the loading of goods into trucks. The company engaged in cargo transportation will kindly solve this issue by its own means and methods.
    Reducing the total cost of delivery.

    The total transportation costs will be proportionally divided between shipping companies.
    A unique opportunity to equip loads of small mass.

    You don't have to send the machine poluprovodnikam for Express delivery of small load mass.
    Convenient, practical and reliable!

In domestic practice of cargo transportation delivery of combined freights in several stages is allowed:

    Collection and delivery of goods to a single warehouse.
    Preparation of goods for further shipment to the destination.
    Registration of necessary shipping documents.
    The actual shipping of goods and materials at the place of destination.

Unfortunately, not all domestic freight companies can provide services for cargoes, as this requires a high level of organization of the process of cargo transportation — cargo delivery.

Naturally, such companies should have an established system of courier service: the collection of simple materials and goods, their delivery to the addressees. And the availability of storage facilities is not the prerogative of these enterprises.

Therefore, if you have the slightest doubt about the quality and reliability of the services offered by freight teams in a particular company, then most likely you are not mistaken. Since the process of organization of cargoes is considered one of the most difficult in transport services and only professional companies.


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