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How are goods insured?

How are goods insured?

Carrying out delivery of freights across Russia, we always recommend to the clients to issue insurance. Of course, we try to develop the most favorable and safe route for transportation, and our truckers are experienced specialists, but everything can happen on the way — from a natural disaster to a simple accident that leads to damage to your property. Having issued insurance, you will be able to fully protect yourself financially and in case of problems receive full compensation for the lost goods. Our insurance company itself will conduct an independent examination of the car after an accident, which will allow as soon as possible to receive compensation.

Type of insurance

Depending on the degree of threat and the type of your cargo, you can purchase different types of insurance packages. For example, bags with coffee and other food products it is desirable to insure against a wide range of unforeseen situations. But industrial goods, building materials, as a rule, do not require registration of expensive extensive insurance. Delivery of goods in Russia can be supplemented by the following types of insurance:

    Full. The insured event shall be any surprises, leading to damage or loss of cargo.
    From accidents and natural disasters. In this case, the insured event will occur if the car gets into an accident, the cargo will be damaged as a result of natural disasters (for example, get wet during rain).
    From accidents. Coverage will be reserved exclusively for emergency situations, without taking into account other factors such as delays due to natural disasters.
    Insurance of cargo transportation time. Delivery across Russia by our company is carried out in short terms, and you can insure time of receipt of freight by the addressee.

The duration of the contract is usually determined by the time required not only for transportation, but also for loading/unloading your goods. In order to get insurance, you will need to send us a request. Within a few days we will prepare all the necessary documents, and if the insured event has actually occurred, you will be able to receive compensation. Please note that the amount of insurance payments may exceed the actual value of the goods transported. You can also include the expected profit in the insurance amount. However, the overpayment here cannot exceed 1/10 of the value of the goods transported.

Standard risks in the carriage of cargo

Most of the companies engaged in cargo transportation, additionally provide insurance for the transported goods from almost all possible risks. At the same time, in addition to the contract of carriage, an insurance contract is concluded. Its object — the property interests of the sender related to the disposal of the goods in case of loss, loss or damage. The amount of the contribution at the conclusion of the insurance contract depends on the price of the goods transported. If the insured event occurs, the client will be obliged to submit documentation confirming the value of the goods stated in the contract.

However, some of the risks are not taken into account in such types of insurance. These include natural disasters, special qualities of cargo, its damage by insects, malicious intent and gross negligence, shortage of goods with undisturbed packaging and the like.


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