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Protection of goods against damage or loss

Protection of goods against damage or loss

When cargo insurance is performed, it is called cargo insurance. This type of insurance applies to many areas, including transport insurance. The sources of insurance of transported goods are rooted in ancient times.

The cargo is called the object to be transported. Depending on the characteristics of the cargo, it is divided into a whole list of features in groups close in nature or purpose.

Under the insurance of cargo transportation by road, understand the protection of cargo transported during transportation, most often at all stages of the delivery process. So the scheme of transportation may consist of:

    Download at the company's warehouse or the warehouse of the sender;
    Cargo transportation to the railway station or port, maximum cargo transportation weight is 20 tons;
    The movement of goods on the ship or in the car, including the registration of the relevant documents;
    Transportation of cargo by road, rail, air or water transport;
    Delivery of cargo to the recipient at the specified station or by road to the specified location.

Of course, the delivery patterns are more simple "sender-receiver". In such a scheme, one mode of transport is most often used, for example, by road. Depending on the chosen scheme of delivery will depend on the time from which the losses from possible damage will be assigned not to the insurance company, but to the recipient.

The following persons take part in cargo transportation:

    sender-can be a natural or legal person transferring the goods to the transport company for shipment;
    the recipient may also be a natural or legal person for whom the cargo is addressed and who has the right to receive it;
    the carrier-the owner of the vehicle having permission to freight;
    forwarder - representative of the consignee or sender, controlling at all stages of the transportation of the goods.

Due to the complexity of cargo transportation schemes and risks, cargo insurance becomes not just a whim of the recipient or sender, but an objective necessity.


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