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Cargo protection with insurance

Cargo protection with insurance

If you are a regular customer of any transport company, it makes sense to sign a General insurance contract with it. As a result, you will be able to reduce the workflow of your company and save cash.
Methods of insurance:

First of all, you need to call the company, which is made transport delivery of goods, as a rule, transport companies provide services for cargo insurance.

The cost of insurance will depend on a number of factors: urgency, type of cargo, etc. In every major company, insurance is essential and determines the efficiency of its work.

When a customer makes cargo insurance, he becomes more confident, because the cost of cargo can be very large. For regular customers, transport companies can offer additional discounts on insurance.

Goods can be insured with varying degrees of responsibility, as well as have additional amendments. For the convenience of its customers all the necessary documents are issued as soon as possible (usually within half an hour).

It is not necessary to save, regardless of where the cargo transportation in Moscow and Russia, or abroad.

When choosing an insurer, be sure to find out how long the company has been working in the market? Try to find reviews about it. Check whether the insurance of dangerous, complex, oversized and perishable goods? What degree of responsibility does the company bear?
There are several degrees of responsibility:

    based on the liability of the insurance company: this is the highest degree of protection, which covers all damage caused to part of the cargo or the entire cargo transported under any prevailing conditions. Exceptions, however, there are, they are included in the Rules of the Institute of London Insurers.
    on the basis of partial liability: this type of liability covers losses only in the event of the total loss of the goods transported in the event of an accident or collapse.


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