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What is the cost of transportation?

What is the cost of transportation?

There are a number of factors affecting the value of freight transportation by road, as a rule, they do not depend on the type of cargo and the distance to which the cargo is sent. In General, the cost primarily depends on the situation in the freight market in the country, with its small change, and the price of transportation.

The first in the list of factors affecting the cost of cargo transportation in Russia are the change in the cost of fuel, spare parts, repairs and others. Of course, from the above list the fuel is not accidentally necessary in the first place, because it is, as a rule, is the founder of increase or decrease value. The relationship between the increase in the cost of fuel and the cost of transportation is not always possible, companies are trying as much as possible to keep the cost of transportation at the same level, without overestimating it.

The next important factor affecting the cost of transportation is the maintenance of the truck. These include regular inspection of the car, replacement parts, replacement supplies (filters, oil).

The distance at which the goods are sent will be significantly different, for example, regional transportation will cost much cheaper than international. In addition to the above, the cost of the goods includes the salary of the driver.

Thus, there are three components that form the cost of travel: petrol consumption, depreciation and maintenance of the car, the salary of the driver.
Additional factor

The following factors also affect the cost of transportation:

    The number of occupied seats
    Cargo volume (length, height, width)
    Place, where the cargo is sent and where it is delivered (distance)
    Weight of cargo
    Does the weight or volume of the goods exceed
    Do you need to seal the cargo
    How much cargo is insured
    Do I need to implement pickup and delivery of cargo

When choosing a company engaged in freight transport, first of all, pay attention to the large forwarders, as a rule, the cost of their services will be lower, and the guarantee and reliability above.


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