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The crisis for trucks ended

The crisis for trucks ended

According to representatives of large automobile companies, there was a light at the end of the crisis tunnel for the cargo automotive industry.

I want to start to introduce the statements of the suppliers of cars that run cargo transportation in Russia.

According to experts, the automotive industry has a very close relationship with a number of other areas of human activity. The first in the list of spheres of activity are cargo transportation and construction. This year there is a constant increase in the number of sales of trucks, which are delivering goods across Russia. Quite regularly buy small trucks and fuel trucks. With the increase in the number of cars in the population, the need for fuel is growing, therefore, the number of sold tankers and fuel trucks is increasing.

Of course, the automobile industry is still far from fully recovering from the crisis, but there are encouraging positive developments. First of all, trucks are purchased to perform a certain range of tasks. This suggests that many companies in their production activities initially allocate funds for the expansion and renewal of the car fleet of the enterprise, strive to obtain financing and loans and despite everything to stay afloat.

Very often purchased trucks that belong to the average price range. The low popularity of cheap trucks is easily explained. In the conditions of the current severe competition and struggle for customers, the companies try to prevent the purchase of low-quality equipment.

So, experts of the large construction enterprise explained that in case of acquisition of cheap and low-quality equipment, there are additional costs connected with repair and service of inexpensive trucks as they say "miser pays twice". As the result of costs regarding the repair and maintenance meet the cost of an average truck, but unlike the second, cheap cars instead of extraction of the invested funds of the time in repair shops.


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