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Shipping from Western Europe to Eastern Europe and beyond

Shipping from Western Europe to Eastern Europe and beyond

During the collapse of the USSR in the early 90-ies of the last century, from Germany were withdrawn at that time already Russian troops. Before employees and their families there was an extremely acute question: "How it is possible to deliver all acquired property to the Homeland, to the new place of a dislocation?". After all, the cost of transportation costs money.

A number of citizens sought the help of special agencies carrying out transportation of goods from Europe to Russia. Unfortunately, the services of intermediaries were quite expensive and not always affordable for our officers. But as you know "and good marksman may miss". Our fellow citizens purchased trucks, loaded containers and carried out independent transportation of the property.

In order to optimize the cost of shipping, and also so as not to drag the half-empty container of colleagues United in groups and created a General cargo. In the end the goal was achieved, the assets transported Home in a more modest price. This scheme of transportation of goods was very convenient, because the military lived close to each other, and sometimes even in the same hostel. However, as all the military were able to overcome the customs at the border?

Ingenuity of our citizens do not hold, the solution is found very quickly. When loading containers, things were Packed as tightly as possible. Drivers, of course, were not eager to pull out all things, to show customs officers then back to pack. Therefore, immediately outside the door to the container, the military prudently put a case of beer to appease the valiant servants, who in gratitude performed a cursory examination and passed the goods.

After some time, the customs so accustomed to the "gift" beer that, despite the present still performed a full inspection of the transported property. The inspection was carried out for quite an interesting reason: when the goods were unloaded for inspection, then after loading some of the things back did not want to fit, such things had to be left in the inspection point, to the great joy of customs officers.

After the delivery of cargo to Russia, cars in most cases were sold, and some military, having gained important European experience in cargo transportation after retirement continued to earn, thus, money.

Well, in order to prevent This from happening to you, you need a customs representative


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