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How not to get confused in the types of road freight

How not to get confused in the types of road freight

Companies that are engaged in road freight transport, in the last few years are becoming increasingly popular as companies that provide rental cars or hire a van. Activity of these companies is delivery of freights across Russia and to the countries of Europe.

Most often, the services of companies that are engaged in cargo transportation, turn to those legal entities or individuals for whom transportation is required very rarely or even once. If transportation of any goods is carried out regularly, it will be more logical to get own motor transport. It is unreasonable to keep the car for casual transportation, in that case it will be much more profitable to address to the specialized organization which will be able to offer the motor transport considering specifics and dimensions of freight.

Today services on cargo transportation by motor transport can be divided on the basis of several classifications. First, the transportation is divided according to the method of delivery. There are local transportation, when the goods need to be delivered at a short distance, one road company is engaged in transportation. It is much harder to transport direct messages. Several companies take part in such transportation, the difficulty is to deliver the goods only by one type of vehicle. The third type allocated to this classification, - transportation of a mixed message, in which the delivery of goods is made by different types of transport.

Freight is divided depending on the size of the consignment. There are mass transportation, when transported goods weighing more than 30 tons and batch, when the load is less than 30 tons. Also, there are small-batch transportation, the weight of the cargo in which does not reach 2 tons.

The territorial division of cargo transportation can be carried out on the following principle: transportation within the city, road transportation of goods in Russia, international transportation. On time implement transportation can be point to episodic, seasonal and permanent. Another classification is the urgency of delivery. It can be indefinite and urgent.

Another division of cargo transportation into types can be carried out depending on how the transportation is organized. In this case, there are centralized and decentralized transportation. In the first case, the entire course of transportation is controlled by one company, which acts, including as the organizer of the delivery of the goods. In the second case, the consignee takes part in the organization of the cargo transportation process.


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