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Problems of large-scale transportation

Problems of large-scale transportation

If you have to use extra-large trucks to deliver your cargo, the transportation will become more complicated. It should be noted that the professionally working transport company will take the decision of all problems arising in connection with oversized cargo. Large and heavy vehicles cause some problems. In particular, when driving, it is important to keep roads safe and comfortable for all participants, including drivers of vehicles with oversized cargo.

First, the delivery of bulky goods requires a permit. It does not need to be coordinated with the authorities of all regions in which the route of the cargo runs, but in the initial point it is necessary to contact the road authorities. If the cargo is carried on Federal roads, you need to contact the management body nearest to the starting point of the Federal highway.

After the permission received in the road authority, it is necessary to apply to the traffic police for a pass, which confirms the right of a vehicle with a large load on the movement.

Sometimes you need special permission from the departments of the railroad or owners or managers of bridges, power lines and other man-made structures.

In total, all approvals take from 10 days to a month. Companies that spetsializiruyutsya upon receipt of such permits, can reward that time to cut.

Do not forget that you will have to pay to the budget for the damage caused by oversized cargo road.

In some cases, the road in Russia must be accompanied by patrol cars of traffic police or a car cover with yellow flashing lights. The car cover must accompany machine with large exhibits in the case, if the length of the train is more than 24 meters or width of the vehicle more than 3.5 meters. Also, such machines are necessary if the route will need to change the organization of movement.

Cars of road patrol service are necessary when the width of the car exceeds 4 meters or the length of the train is more than 30 meters. Also, patrol vehicles will be required, if necessary, to ensure traffic safety during transportation.


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