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On the freight market remained the strongest

On the freight market remained the strongest

The crisis is very serious blow to the entire economy of Russia. Was no exception and the market of cargo transportation. According to experts, 20 to 30 percent of companies participating in the market did not survive the crisis.

The data published by the Federal Agency for state statistics show one interesting detail. Last year, in connection with the crisis, there was a significant drop in the dynamics of the freight market. The volume of cargo transportation by cars fell to a state of 76% from the level of 2008, but the turnover decreased to 83%. It turns out that the volume of cargo transportation decreased more than cargo turnover fell. Which of these can be inferred? Began to carry less, but more. Indeed, the mass of goods carried has decreased and the distances between destinations have increased.

The crisis in connection with the decrease in demand for commercial cargo transportation caused a reduction in tariffs. If in 2008 the cost of cargo transportation increased: in General for 2008 there was an increase in the index of tariffs for freight transportation by 18,8%. In 2009, the price of delivery not what is not increased, and even fell slightly, the tariff index was 97.5% compared to 2008.

Along with decreasing demand and falling prices have occurred and the decline of the market. According to experts, the losses amounted to 30% of market participants.

On the other hand, even before the crisis, the most important problem of the transport services market was competition with small carriers conducting dumping policy: prices often fell below the cost price. In a crisis situation, small private traders were forced to leave the market, giving their customers to companies operating under the rules of an honest market.

Today, all players note that the market of road transport would not be damaged by state aid. Moreover, despite the growth of the market, which is observed in the first months of 2010, there is a significant problem of aging of the car fleet. No one will argue that in Russia aging of cars is faster than in European countries, except that the operating costs are significantly higher. If the state policy in the field of road transport is based on the principles voiced by the government at the beginning of this year, the problems of the road transport market will increase: the growth of excise duties on fuel and the possible introduction of fees from large trucks will not affect the tariff for road transport.


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