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Why is a smart and economical to send loads of cars?

Why is a smart and economical to send loads of cars?

Today, more and more companies prefer the delivery of goods by car. Why automobile cargo transportation across Russia became so popular?

The most important principle followed to a greater extent by road transportation — the principle of delivery of goods from door to door. If you choose to transport goods by road, this avoids unnecessary unloading and loading of the goods. With other types of transportation there is a need to overload the goods: first you need to deliver the goods to the plane or train, and from them — to the right destination. It is natural that with a large number of "transplants" cargo increases the risk of damage.

Another advantage of the use of vehicles in transportation is the absence of any reference to the schedule. You do not have to pick up the time of shipment, depending on the schedule of air, railway or water transport. The car can be shipped with cargo at any time of the day or night. In addition to the flexible time of shipment, you can control the movement of your goods along the entire route: delivery can be accelerated or, conversely, slowed down, the route can be changed at your request.

Among the advantages of this method of delivery of goods can be noted not only the flexibility of the schedule, but also the flexibility of the configuration of the convoy. Thanks to it, cars can be carried out cargo transportation of any level of complexity. You can choose, depending on the need, tentovannuyu or on — Board equipment, the level of capacity-from small to large, the convoy can be equipped with refrigerators, isothermal equipment and so on. Do not be afraid that you do not have enough knowledge to "make" the convoy of the right cars.

Specialists of the company which is engaged in automobile cargo transportation, will develop for you not only an optimum route of following of freight, but also an individual structure of a convoy. Not only your wishes will be taken into account, but also the objective features of the cargo and the direction of transportation.

Another important advantage of cargo delivery by cars is tariffs for road cargo transportation on the domestic market. At the end of the first quarter of 2010, the cost of delivery of goods by road increased by only one and a half percent compared to railway transportation, which has risen by almost 10% this year.


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