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The freight market returns to life

The freight market returns to life

The Federal state statistics service published figures that characterize the situation in the freight industry in the first months of this year. The figures in the industry are not impressive, tariffs for road freight continue to show slow growth, freight turnover is gradually returning to pre-crisis indicators.

In the first four months of 2010, according to the Federal service of state statistics, road transport companies (both companies - legal entities and individual entrepreneurs engaged in cargo transportation) transported almost 15% more cargo, compared with January-April last year. As a result, the volume of transported goods amounted to more than 42 million tons. There was an increase within the period: compared with March 2010, April showed the same growth in traffic as a percentage. In absolute terms, the increase was almost 14 million tons. As for the freight turnover, in April, compared with March of the same year, it increased by more than 22%, amounting to 11.5 billion ton-kilometers.

Market experts on the basis of statistics Committee data speak about the return of the freight market to pre-crisis indicators. Last year was a failure for road transport companies, cargo transportation decreased by a quarter compared to 2008, as a result of the year the volume of transported goods amounted to 140 million tons. Freight turnover in the same failed year of 2009 decreased by almost 10%, amounting to about 40 billion ton-kilometers.

Today, road freight returns itself lost during the crisis position. It is too early to talk about reaching the level of 2008, but road cargo delivery is gaining momentum. In this regard, there is also an increase in tariffs for road cargo transportation, which, it should be noted, is not as sharply as the growth of cargo transportation. In General, for all four months (January-April) the growth of tariffs for road transportation was slightly more than one and a half percent. As for the monthly growth, the rise in the cost of road transport in April was 0.3% of March prices. The growth of prices for rail transportation stopped: if since the beginning of the year the total growth of tariffs amounted to almost 10%, in April compared with March, the cost of freight transportation has not changed. It's time to transport equipment for diamond drilling, drilling holes in concrete St. Petersburg. Currently, market experts predict a further growth of cargo traffic.


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